Summer Wedding Photography Tips

Getting married in the summer can be so much fun with the glorious weather and all of the location options. With a summer wedding you have a lot more ideas that you can try out when getting your wedding photos taken.

Local Wedding

Summer weddings are the perfect time to take advantage of being outside in the nice weather. When taking your wedding photos outside do not be timid. There are a variety of shots you can do from being at the beach, or lying in a field or flowers, or climbing in trees – the possibilities are endless. Even if your outdoor summer wedding turns sour with clouds and rain you can either get wet or have some fun with an umbrella.

Destination Wedding

Getting married at a remote destination continues to become more and more of a trend. Typically when someone gets married out of the country the amount of people who attend are more limited. Even though your guest list is limited that does not mean you should cut out the wedding photographer. After all, you are going to be married in an amazing environment that will make your wedding photos look absolutely fabulous.

There are many wedding photographers that will gladly travel with you to the hot, summer beaches to snap photos of you. Of course, if you are not concerned about keeping your dress in tip top shape you can get some incredible shots in the water and lying in the sand.

Most important thing to remember is to have fun with it and let your personality show in your wedding pictures!

4 Photographers and a Wedding Album (A Great Wedding Photo Album) Part 1

Here in the UK the 2010 Wedding season is fast approaching. All the wedding fares are being promoted in the hotels up and down the country, the event hosts and service suppliers will be looking to fill the empty slots with the the last minute “Brides and Grooms” that want to do it this year.

I think those “Last minute” Brides and Grooms will have the pick of the crop when it comes to choosing where and when they would like get married. Often the case was them having to sync everything, usually starting with booking the Church location for the wedding then finding the other services to fit in. but in light of the recent financial climate, I don’t think all the wedding service providers will be booked up.

Regarding the wedding photographer and wedding photography things have changed considerably in recent years.

This is partially due to the style of the photos. The “Traditional” wedding photos are no longer the main shots the couples go for. They want informal snaps (or to be posh and glamorise them, they want “Reportage” or “Paparazzi” shots.) Not to take away from the skill of the photographer as I think there is often more skill in getting or creating the reportage style of shots than the traditional ones, but the thing is, the casual shots, just happen any way!, and that’s the whole idea, to capture the event as it unfolds and not to create it, the photographer just has to capture it. This opens the door for literally Anyone to take wedding photos in this style – and armed with a new digital camera with all the “Anti Shake” “low light” “face detection” scene select” “portrait mode” “people mode” 12mp camera, the person operating the camera can’t really get it wrong! Can they?

Well, if the camera takes care of the settings, and lets face it, the Big camera companies are investing ¬£10,000’s in research and development to ensure the camera get’s great results (so you don’t have to) you can be confident that the photos will be right, all you need to concentrate on is how you take them!… coming next article.

Dowry and Wedding Gifts in Islam, Developing and Developed Countries

Wedding Gifts are common and a way of showing love all over the world. Here is a simple analysis of dowry items in Islam, developing countries and developed countries.

Dowry In Islam:

Islam is one of the most popular religion all over the world.

Islam does not allow expensive dowry items for Muslim parents. There is a list of Dowry items for Hazrat Fatimah (R.A):

1. One white dress,

2. One big piece of cloth for preparing the head gear.

3. One black towel, made in Khyber

4. One mattress, made from the fibre of a date tree

5. Two cotton mattress, one of goats fleece, and the other was filled with the fibre of date tree

6. 4 Pillows made of goat’s hide, filled with Azkhar grass

7. Two pieces of Hajari Mattresses

8. One manually operated Grinding Mill Stone

9. One cup made of Pewter

10. One musk (leather water container)

11. One big tray for washing clothes

12. One bowl for milk

13. One water pot

14. One earthen glass

15. One woollen curtain

16. Two earthen goblets

17. One hide for spreading on the floor

18. One shroud,

19. One lota (a multi-purpose vessel).

Dowry system in Pakistan

Pakistani men love to have rich brides, and do not know the real amount of Mehr according to Islam. In Pakistan, a dowry (from bride’s parents for bridegroom and his family) is comprised of these things:

Top 12 Wedding Gifts In Pakistan
Jewelry for bride Top Expensive Wedding Gifts In Pakistan
Jewelry for in-laws
Gifts for Groom
Clothes for bride & groom
Gifts for in laws
Home appliances
Kitchen Utensils
Arrangements for Wedding
Fashion products
Car / motor cycle / property
Professional wife

Men should be ashamed by looting the simple and poor parents of bride. They should follow the Sunnah in Real words. First they should pay a handsome amount of Mehar then take dowry of Mehr’s 12 %.

Dowry system in Developed countries:

A wedding is a charming event in developed countries. The couples are very happy to arrange this day at the religion places.

Dowry Items / Wedding Gifts in Developed Countries Examples

In developed countries, wedding gifts / dowry items are very economic. Such as:

Table Lamp Top 20 Wedding Gifts In Developed Countries
Dinner set
Love Mugs
Wine Glasses
Serving Dishes
Photo Frames
Small Home Appliances
Bed Sheets
Card Holders
Gift Boxes
Decoration Pieces

Wine Country Weddings On the California Central Coast

A wine country wedding conjures up images of colorful vineyards, earthy scents and romantically lit wine cellars. You need little in the way of decoration, as the setting is so naturally scenic. While most vineyards look similar, depending on the season and age of the vines, the winery buildings themselves can vary widely. Decide if you prefer the style of a country farmhouse, a French chateau or a simple stone building.

Another consideration is the winery’s proximity to an airport and/or accommodations for out of area guests. Many wineries offer outdoor receptions overlooking the vineyard, perhaps with hors d’hoevres passed in an elegant tasting room. Some have wine cellars and barrel rooms that can be set up with candles in medieval style for the wedding dinner. A combination or variation of these can be incorporated, making the most use of the winery’s natural attributes.

Another great thing about having a wine country wedding is that you really don’t need much in the way of extra decorating costs. Plus, the gorgeous setting will enhance your wedding photos.

Popular wine tasting areas on the California Central Coast include Paso Robles, the Edna Valley near San Luis Obispo and the Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande areas. Not every winery offers wedding services, but the following places do. Call and inquire about their offerings, and then take a tour with your fiancé of the ones you are interested in. Be sure to taste their wines as well!

In the Paso Robles area, Jan Kris Winery is located in Templeton. They have a rose garden and gazebo as well as a banquet room with views of the vineyard. They can accommodate up to 200 people and will allow you to bring in an outside caterer. Call 805-434-039 or see

Meridian Winery in Paso Robles can accommodate up to 150 guests in their Barrel Chai Room. Their outdoor herb garden can hold up to 200, while larger weddings can be held out on the lawn overlooking the vineyard. Call 805-226-7135 for more information.

Robert Hall Winery in Paso Robles has a wedding coordinator included. Their setting is on a hilltop overlooking the vineyards. Call 805-239-1616 or see

Other wineries in the Paso Robles area, which offer wedding facilities, include EOS Estate Winery, 805-239-2563, Justin Vineyards, 805-781-7303, and Zenaida Cellars, 805-227-0382.

In the San Luis Obispo and Edna Valley areas, Edna Valley Vineyard has indoor and outdoor facilities and includes a wedding coordinator. They have a patio, garden, lawn, a banquet room and cask room and can accommodate up to 250 people. You can bring any caterer you wish. Call 805-544-5855 or see

Further south in the Arroyo Grande area, Laetitia Winery offers wedding services. Call them at 805-481-1772.