Wedding Photo Opportunities In Marlborough

Marlborough is a region known for its wine, its beauty and its fantastic accommodation. Couples from all over New Zealand and all over the world choose Marlborough to celebrate their special day. Whether you’re looking for something small with family and close friends, or you’re trying to find wedding venues in Marlborough that can hold a few hundred people, there’s something in the region to suit everyone. A lot of lodges and resorts open up onto beautiful vistas and the dry climate of the region makes outdoor weddings both gorgeous and stress free.

If you are planning your special day in Marlborough or you’re thinking about it as the location for your wedding, you probably want to have as much information as possible at your disposal. Something that a lot of couples don’t even think about until the last minute is where to have their wedding photos taken! You wouldn’t want to waste such a great opportunity in one of the most beautiful parts of the country – consider a few of these locations for yours.

The Queen Charlotte Track

It’s hard to pick just one spot along the Queen Charlotte Track. This 71 km stretch of walkway is huge and gives ample opportunities for the perfect spot. Look out over some of the beautiful bays when you’re scouting out a location and find one that you like close to your wedding venue.

Waterfall Bay gives you a great view over the still waters with the occasional sailing ship to break up the blue. A view across Grove Arm to the Whenuanui Scenic Reserve in the distance is almost painting-like.

Blackwood Bay looks absolutely fantastic at dusk and at dawn as the light hits the hills of Macalister Cove across the water.

French Pass Road

The ruggedly beautiful and rocky French Pass Road offers something a little different to other locations in the Sounds. Views of the water are contrasted with the yellow flaxes and grass by the unsealed road by the Rai Valley Township.


The picturesque, quaint little town of Picton offers gorgeous views over the Cook Strait. Perfectly kept grasses and parks boast the harbour as an ideal backdrop. The lighting of the morning and evening looks incredible as it falls against the shore, but nothing beats the blue skies of a sunny afternoon.

Capture the perfect pictures for your wedding day. Find the right location for your photos after the wedding ceremony in Marlborough Sounds.

A Wedding Planner’s Environmental Inspiration

Working as a wedding planner, often means long hours in front of the computer and on the phone. Maybe it’s a little space set up in the kitchen, a spare bedroom, the den, or an actual office space. But when you look away from your computer screen, what do you see?

It’s important for a wedding planner to be surrounded by inspiration. That’s why I wanted to share with you some of the d├ęcor I’ve added to my office to boost my inspiration level. When you’re working long hours planning a wedding, trying to come up with ways to attract new brides, or figuring out what to blog about it’s completely necessary for you to have little items around you that remind you why you’re doing the work you’re doing, why it’s important, and encouragement to take leaps forward.

Here are some items in my office that give me inspiration:

* “Your venture will be a success”- I love the Seattle airport and there I found this cute little mirror surrounded by glass tiles and framing a small slip of paper that is actually from a fortune cookie and it says “your venture will be a success.” I love to look in that mirror and accept that fortune as my truth.

* Lope De Vega quote- I have a small black print with pink lettering with the quote “What Are You Waiting For?” from Lope de Vega. This always catches my eye when I’m procrastinating or trying to make a decision.

* Success Plaque- My aunt lives in Ireland and years ago when I was starting university she sent me a little plaque with a poem on it about success. This little plaque has followed me across the country and to each of my jobs since university and it always reminds me just what it takes to strive for success.

* Audrey Hepburn- I’m a big fan of Audrey Hepburn. I love how classy and stylish she was yet simple and sophisticated. I have two books that profile her life and both have amazing pictures of her on the front cover and I love looking over and being reminded to do each task in my day with an air of class and sophistication, just like Audrey.

* Wedding photos- I like to have my own wedding photos in my office. This is what got me started in this business and fed my love for all things wedding. It’s also a business that’s afforded my husband and I to work together and as a husband and wife working together, well you can imagine, we don’t always agree. So I like to have our wedding photos around to remind us that love has been the basis of our relationship and this business. I also have one of my Gramma and Simon’s with us on our wedding day. They’ve both since passed and I like to be reminded of our guardian angels who I can always talk to during my day.

* Butterflies- As a kid I was really shy and not very popular (actually I was bullied quite badly). I didn’t like to stand out or take risks. But I’ve grown a lot since then. My aunt in Toronto compares it to a butterfly that’s come out of a cocoon. That I had to go through those trials to be the beautiful butterfly I am today.

* My University Degree- Well it cost me a lot of money that little piece of paper, but I sure am proud of it. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Culture with a Major in Leisure and Tourism from the University of Calgary (it’s the same major as Van Wilder my husband always jokes). But it’s where I got my start in events and have a lot of great memories. I love learning and always continue to do so.

* Thank you card- It’s always nice to see these around me because I love to reminisce about past clients and how much fun it was to work with them. I also love seeing their words of gratitude because it fuels my energy to work on the next wedding.

* Hilarious pictures and sayings- I love a good laugh. If you meet me in person you’ll get to know that I love a good joke and have an infectious laugh. So I have a pin board with pictures of nuns jumping in the waves, a big dog eating a wedding cake while the couple is outside getting married, and pictures of Simon and I being silly in a photo booth. Life is short and sometimes you just need a good laugh.

* Feng Shui- My good friend Katie Weber of Red Lotus Letter turned me onto Feng Shui and I’ve organized my office (and my entire house actually) based on the principles I’ve learned from her and I’ve noticed a big difference.

So what’s in your office?

Even if you don’t have your own dedicated office you can still surround yourself with inspiration. Fun candles, picture frames, mementos from your travels. It’s important to constantly be inspired. Sometimes being a wedding planner can be lonely and that can get you down. By surrounding yourself with beauty and items filled with wonderful memories you surround yourself with fantastic energy. That fantastic energy changes the way you work and the type of clients you attract. Try making your office more inspirational and see what happens.

Romantic Wedding Photography on a Budget

A wedding is one of the most romantic events in a couple’s life, a day that they will look back on for the rest of their lives together. A wedding photographer should be able to capture the joyful feeling of that day with pictures of the ceremony, the exchange of vows and rings. Later at the reception there will be photos of the wedding party, the guests and the high points such as speeches and cutting the cake. Most important of all is to get pictures of the bride and groom that they will treasure forever.

Often, between the ceremony and the reception, the photographer will look for an attractive background for the romantic wedding photos, such as a beautiful garden, an arched entry to the church, or a nearby park. Frequently though, time is limited and the bride and groom are anxious to get back to the celebrations, making it difficult for the photographer to do his best work.

However, you can, if you wish, offer your services as a romantic wedding portrait taker, easily and inexpensively. Using a green screen and chroma key software it is simple, a lot easier than you might think.

All you will need is a place where you can get the proper lighting or can set up your own lights. You will need three lights, two lights facing the center of the screen and a third to light the happy couple. You will take plenty of shots, then back in your own studio you can add in the background that will show off the young couple at their best.

Imagine the settings that the newly wed couple would find most romantic, to start their life’s journey together. Maybe a beautiful beach, framed by palm trees, would be their favorite, or a gorgeous rose garden, or even a picturesque old barn. With your computer and the chroma key software you can give them the setting that they feel will express the love they feel for each other.

Of course any new husband will want to show off his beautiful new bride to his guy friends and co-workers. After taking the pictures of the happy couple, ask the groom to step aside so that you can take some quality shots of the bride from different angles. Take some from the front holding her bouquet, from the side (profile pictures are very popular). Do your best to catch the spirit of the day, the happiness and excitement of starting her new life with her husband.

Again, when you return to your studio, add a background such as a set of marble stairs, an old castle, or a lovely country road winding away into the distance. You can use the software to enhance the colors, lighten or darken the scene to add drama to the photo.

How to Take Quality Wedding Photos

A wedding is a very special day and it is gone before you even realize it. Some people planning a wedding try to exercise a modicum of frugality by trying to do as much of the work as possible and that is certainly a good idea in some cases. In order to determine if skipping a wedding photographer and going the do-it-yourself route is a good idea or not, consider the following:

  • To take good photos, you need the right equipment – Taking the best photos requires an investment in the right equipment. For pre-planned shots it may require portable lighting, reflective panels that make the best use of ambient light, a quality entry level or better DSLR camera, and a handful of lenses. Candid shots take even more equipment. The good news is that many parents already have the more expensive items such as the cameras, but a small investment in lenses and lighting will probably be highly advisable.
  • You also need the right training – Taking the best possible photographs requires understanding what elements make a photograph good or bad. There is a lot of optical physics to understand, but the good news is that there are books on the subject and classes taught at almost every single private college in the country. Some photographers and artists offer independent classes and even tutoring may be possible, but if you do not know a focal length from depth of field, or have no idea what stopping up or down means, then it is time to hit the books.
  • Experience is also required – Book learning is great for some people, but others will learn better by doing. Even those that have book learning will often need a lot of time taking pictures and a relatively thick skin to tolerate the input of other photographers regarding the technical faults in photographs. Do not despair, all budding photographers go through a phase where their pictures get picked apart by more experienced photographers as they learn what works and what does not work. Practice makes perfect and you do not want to be caught practicing at a weeding! This is the big leagues.
  • Timing is everything – Do you always seem to find yourself at the right place at the right time? If so, it is probably not just luck. Instead, it might be a combination of intuition, experience, and social intelligence. Whatever you want to call it, being at the right place at the right time is what candid wedding photography is all about.

If you lack any of these key elements and cannot obtain them in time, then you should seriously reconsider hiring a professional wedding photographer. Professional wedding photography is an art as much as it is a science and not everyone can do it properly. You can still take pictures, but make sure the newlyweds’ home has proper pictures to last a lifetime instead of photos that get hidden in scrapbooks and serve as a source of embarrassment for years to come.