Details on Wedding Photo Enhancement

Matrimony is one of the most important events in any person’s life and both the bride and the groom would like to imprint the memories of the big day in their brains. Although most of the important moments would be easy to remember, it would be a pleasure to own an album that has all the memories in print and for everyone to view at any time. It is a well-known fact that marriage marks the beginning of a journey that the bride and groom are going to embark upon together. The ceremony requires a photographer who in spite of all the commotion manages to click images of the important moments in progress. Weddings have always been a place of complete disarray for a photographer; one finds it tedious to capture a perfect image of the couple and their guests. A solution to all these problems with regards to the disturbances is not available, the only other way to produce the best of finished images to the customer (in this case, “the couple”) would be to outsource it to a firm that takes care of Image Editing. Wedding photographers fly to the place of the ceremony, shoot as many images as possible and then outsource these images to a trustworthy firm. Despite that he has a hard time clicking the images at the event, a professional photographer must find ways to navigate himself. Sometimes it is hard for the photographers, even the best ones at that and that is the reason for Image Editing.

Most of the outsourcing companies look to find limits in providing services and excel in them in order rise and beat their competition to the top. India is on the top step in terms of the number of Outsourcing companies and the quality they offer, closely followed by its competitors. The skill and the concentration that goes into producing quality results is clear in these countries and it takes a lot of effort to step up and deliver satisfactory results. Outsourcing depends on a few complicated factors like hiring a team for various services, each service demands different pattern of work and training. Freelancing companies have training campaigns based on the expectations from the services. In the today world when compared with those from the yester years, internet plays a very important role. Anything that goes on the internet is visible to people around the globe and those with greater importance are recognizable and valued to a great effect.

Prancing back to wedding images, it is a difficult task to edit these images and that is reason professional photographers choose to outsource them. Outsourcing companies hire photo editors whose skill and years of experience in handling large volumes of images come in quite handy. These editors will not only edit images at a faster pace but also carry out the most difficult techniques with 100% accuracy which is all the more reason to outsource image editing services. They also offer other image related services like:

• Image Post Processing Services

Wedding Image Enhancement Services

• Photo Restoration Services

• Image Manipulation Services

• Image Clipping Services

• Panorama Map Services

• Photo Editing Services

• Photo Cutout Services

• Image Background Removal Services

• Photo Retouching Services

• Photo Resizing Services

• Image Colorization Services.

How to Plan a Country Wedding

Instead of a common city wedding that will be more expensive and more serious go for a country wedding with more style.

Clothing Style

Since countryside promotes ease and relaxation, the best style to dress up is with clothes of comfort. Sundresses, cotton dresses and other casual clothing can be perfect for you and your guests to dress up for a countryside wedding. If you still want to have a formal wedding with more serious and formal outfit it is still all right.

The Venue and the Decoration

Perfect locations for the country wedding can be a farmhouse, a field, a barn, plantation, country church, valley, or a country inn. For an outdoor event, you can make picnic using the tables covered with traditional country checkered tablecloths or quilts. You can also use candles to light up the place if the event will be held at night. Flowers could be daisies, dahlias, and sunflowers. They are the perfect way to place on the table centerpieces.


Country music and bands playing this kind of music will be the perfect providers of music. You could also plan a square country dance. Guests would have a great time dancing especially if they are new to this style.


Bake small cookies and wrap them in country style gift paper. Get some local fruits or vegetables and put them in baskets and tie the baskets with red and white ribbons. Also, another idea is to can make handmade soaps or candles and put them in special mason jars. It would be perfect if you add a gift tag on each present with personal messages for the guests.


A country-style wedding invitation would be a nice preview for your unique wedding event. One good option for the invitation is to use photos of the country scenery and landscape. Your wedding invitation wording should match the country theme. You can be creative on what to write on the invite, if you unsure you can always use love quotes or marriage quotes. When writing wedding invites the format of the invitation is most important, not the design but the layout of the wordings.

A few more Tips

Following are some tips that you can follow if you are not planning a country style wedding.

1. Stick with your budget

2. When transacting with vendors and suppliers plan everything right and have it on time.

3. Do not do everything alone. Ask for help and then say thank you to those people that will help you with the planning of the wedding.

Planning a wedding, could be tiring and time consuming. You might get exhausted. But once you see your beloved one in front of you on your most important day of your life then you will forget everything else.

Simple Guide to Planning a Country Wedding

You think a country wedding is a nice alternative to the high-end and frenzied city-style wedding that most of the people you know have had before. Here is a simple guide on how to have a simple yet stunning country wedding.


Since the atmosphere of the countryside promotes ease and relaxation, the best kinds of attire are those that speak of comfort. Sundresses, khakis, cotton dresses, kaftans and anything casual and laidback can be the perfect way to dress up for a countryside wedding. However, if you still want to have a formal event with the tuxedos and the works, it is still all right to do so.

Venue and Decor

Ideal locations for a country wedding can be a barn, a farmhouse, a wheat field, plantation, rustic church, valley, or a country inn. For an outdoor wedding, you can use picnic tables covered with checkered tablecloths or quilts. You can also make use of candles and lanterns to light up the place if the event will be held at night. Flowers like daisies, gerberas, dahlias, and sunflowers can be a nice way to decorate the table centerpieces. Use one or two colors as the wedding motif to unify the look of the venue and the decoration.


A country-style wedding invitation would be a nice preview for your lovely wedding event. An embroider invitation would be a good option. Another type of invitation that would be suitable for this type of event would be one that comes with a nice dramatic photo of country scenery.


Contra or bluegrass bands as well as country singers are the perfect providers of music for the wedding. It would also be a wonderful idea to have a square dance. Guests would surely have a grand time dancing the night away.


Bake cookies and wrap them in country style floral gift wrapper. You can also gather local fruits or vegetables, put them in wicker baskets and tie the baskets with raffia ribbons. Also, you can make handmade soaps or handmade candles and then put them in beautiful mason jars. Do not forget to add a gift tag and scribble personal messages for the guests.

More Tips

These tips below are general wedding tips you can use even if you are not going to have a country wedding.

1. Plan your budget and stick to it.

2. Get everything in writing especially when transacting with wedding vendors and service providers.

3. Do not force yourself to do everything. Get as much help as you can. Do not forget to say thank you to all the people who help with the wedding preparations.

4. Be flexible. Remember, not everything you want can be done.

5. Do not be a bridezilla!

Planning a wedding, whether it is a country wedding or some other theme, can truly be time-consuming, exhausting and sometimes exasperating. But once you walk down the aisle and say “I do” to your beloved, all your exhaustion and emotional turmoil will be worth it.

Kalenjin Wedding Tradtions

The Kalenjin are a Kenyan ethnic community that comprises of eight tribes. They are about 2.7 Million Kalenjins who live in the Kenyan western highlands. The name Kalenjin roughly translates to ‘I tell you’. Weddings and wedding photos are a blend of tradition and modern style. There are certain preparations that a couple must go through before a wedding and one cannot be considered marriageable until they are fulfilled.

First, the young men and women must have gone through some traditional initiation passages or tumdo, which graduate them to join members of certain age-sets known as ipinda. The males undergo circumcision and stay in seclusion for a long time. Here, they are instructed on how to take care of the home and the cattle. There are also lessons on how to be good warriors. The young women learn how to make pots and gourds for carrying water, how to fetch and carry firewood and how to find wild vegetables, which they used as their meals. They are also taught how to take care of their children and cook.

Although there are no wedding photos at this stage, Kalenjin weddings, just like Toronto weddings, are usually graced with a lot of traditional food including the staple ugali, prepared from white corn and boiling water, meat and whole milk that is fermented and stored in a gourd, which is cleaned using charcoal. There is music with dancers wearing ankle bells and drums, flutes and horns being played. Traditionally, the bridal party would wear animal skins, hides, traditional ornaments and earrings. Today they can wear suits and weddings dresses and even have wedding photos at the ceremony. The Kalenjin weddings can also include some local brews like busaa, which is prepared from fried and fermented millet and corn.

After the wedding, the man takes his new wife inside or near his father’s homestead where a house has been built for the new couple. Polygamy is still allowed if one can afford to pay the bride price for more than one wife. Children are seen as a blessing in the Kalenjin and other Kenyan communities and, until recently, Kenya was the leading country in population growth worldwide. Today most Kalenjin weddings are made up of monogamous nuclear families with many wedding photos as memorabilia.

In Kalenjin weddings like Toronto weddings, much consideration is taken in the bride’s beauty and health, bridal showers, flowers and decorations. Much planning goes into the wedding photos, honeymoon, travel, jewelry, gifts, transportation and reception. Regardless of where the couple may be there are traditions that must be done including paying of the bride price if they are to be wed.

The main difference between Toronto and Kalenjin weddings is the bride price. The bride price is a token of appreciation to the girl’s parents for taking such good care of her over the years. In Kalenjin weddings, this is usually counted in cattle. However, modern Kalenjins normally take the equivalent in cash. In Toronto, a bride price is not considered at all. With cultures, merging each day there might soon be no difference between a Toronto and a Kalenjin wedding.