Winter Wedding Photo Ops

The photographs will provide one of the most lasting memories of your wedding. You want to be sure that they capture both your love and joy, as well as the spirit of the day. These are some of the best winter wedding photo ops that you may wish to include in your wedding album.

When you think about a winter wedding, it is not only indoor photographs that will be special. There are many wonderful ideas for outdoor pictures too, weather permitting. It is really a lot of fun to bundle up in a gorgeous velvet wrap or fur coat and head outside for a (brief!) photo session. The image of a bride dressed in her white gown and glistening bridal jewelry against a snowy white background is truly breathtaking. Think about how dramatic it will look to have the groom in a black tux set against all that white. Give the scene dimension by standing near some trees with striking forms.

A really romantic idea for an outdoor winter wedding photo shoot would be to pose in a horse-drawn sleigh. They can often be rented for the day, and make a terrific conveyance between venues as well as a can’t-miss photo op. The newlyweds snuggled together under a cozy blanket in an old-fashioned sleigh is about as picturesque a wedding picture as you could ever hope to capture.

Sporty brides and grooms can have some fun having wedding pictures taken that show off their love of the great outdoors. Skiing the black diamond run in your wedding gown, veil, and bridal jewelry might be a bit tricky, but a few shots of the newlyweds cross country skiing would be unique and fun. Or strap on a pair of snowshoes for a quick photo session. You will be having so much fun that you will not even notice the cold.

Of course a bit of realism is important when planning outdoor photo shoots in the cold weather. One woman I know was in a wedding whose bride insisted that the entire bridal party be photographed in the outside courtyard of the hotel where the reception was to take place. The only problem was that it was February in Vermont, and the temperature was sub-zero. For every picture the photographer snapped, the shivering wedding party had to hold their breath to keep their frosty breath from obscuring their faces! This may have been a case when the bride could have let that one particular photo op go for the sake of everyone concerned.

There are plenty of terrific indoor photograph ideas for winter weddings as well. Think about what types of special winter or holiday features may be in place at your ceremony and reception venues. A shot of the newlyweds in front of a roaring fireplace in a grand hotel lobby would be a classic (just keep the train of the wedding gown far from the flames!). A holiday wedding photo session in front of a beautifully trimmed Christmas tree would make unforgettable pictures for the album. And of course, photos shot in flickering candlelight during a dim winter’s afternoon are the very picture of romance. Any or all of these would be wonderful additions to your collection of wedding photographs.